We colab to provide sustainable solutions

The c5Lab makes use of a set of decentralized laboratories, which includes all the resources and equipments of the already existing laboratories, as part of an integrated network with complementary skills.

Based on a holistic approach, the c5Lab addresses the several links of the production chain: alternative raw materials, CO2 capture and reuse, synthetic fuels, energy efficiency, eco-efficient cements, eco-efficient cementitious materials, etc.


C5Lab integrates a set of decentralized laboratories

The c5Lab aims at being an R&D platform that will integrate many of the resources already available in the structures of its partners, avoiding duplication of structures and extra burden.


Our projects focus on a carbon neutral society

Our researches aims at contributing to a carbon neutral society by developing solutions for CO2 Capture & Use, synthetic fuels production, energy efficiency, low carbon clinker families and eco-efficient cements and cementitious materials, as well as new sustainable solutions for concrete construction.


Check our job openings

If you are interested in making a difference, check our job openings. C5Lab intends to recruit, in 3 years, up to 34 Highly Qualified Human Resources in order to fulfill its mission.

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Get in touch with us

Contact us for any questions and inquiries.

  • C5Lab Head office
    Edifício Central Park, Rua Central Park 6, 2795-242 Linda-a-Velha, Portugal
  • C5Lab Maceira
    Fábrica de Maceira-Liz, 2405-019 Maceira, Leiria, Portugal
  • C5Lab Souselas
    Rua dos Troviscais 10, 3020-886 Souselas, Coimbra, Portugal
  • info@c5lab.pt